Tonight’s Amazing New Moon in Virgo Features Triple Trine Action!

Happy birthday to my Virgo readers! September is one of the few months of the year that we get a break from the eclipse cycles, which kick up again in November. This is going to be a largely pleasurable and healing month given the planetary aspects, thanks in a huge part to the New Moon at 14° Virgo tonight: Monday, September 6 (Labor Day in the USA); it will be exact at 7:52 p.m. CDT (please adjust to your local time zone accordingly). If your Virgo birthday falls within a couple of days before or after this New Moon (mine does!), you’ll really want to pay attention: such a once-in-a-decade Birthday Lunation heralds the unfolding of a brand new life path (and the confidence to walk it!), major changes for the better! Read on, gentle reader…

Sets of Very Fine Trines Amplifying This Virgo New Moon!

Image courtesy of planet

The Mutable Earth Sign of Virgo, which naturally rules the Sixth House of Day-to-Day Work and Service, also governs our physical well-being and overall health (Pisces, Virgo’s opposite Sign, can be said to rule the health of our spirit/subtler bodies). Like its fellow Earth Signs (Taurus and Capricorn), Virgo is pragmatic, loyal, hard-working (and efficient!), and responsible; ruled by Mercury, Virgo is concerned with the practical application of knowledge for the improvement of living.

The first set of wonderful Trines at this New Moon focuses on innovations in healthcare (especially healthcare technology, including vaccine development) and an overall energy of breaking free from stagnation and obstacles: The Moon and Sun at 14° Virgo Trine Uranus at 14° Taurus. This energy on its own is extremely powerful for Sun, Rising, and Moon Sign Virgos in setting major life goals and manifesting them with ease (especially if their natal placements fall within a 5-degree orb of 14°; my natal Virgo Sun and Virgo planets are at 16°, a tight and favorable conjunction!).

But wait, there’s more!

Action-oriented Mars at 24° Virgo forms a Trine with powerful and transformative Pluto at 24° Capricorn at the time of the Virgo New Moon. Mars gives us the courage to take action for lasting change; Pluto’s Capricornian energy supports the transformation with a solid foundation. These changes are not flights of fancy; these are major life changes for the better that are (a) grounded in reality and (b) can take immediate effect thanks to the Trine from Uranus in Taurus!

As you can see in the line outlined in blue in the graphic above, the Trine energy links all three Earth Signs in the shape of an equilateral triangle: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. This is known as a Grand Trine. A Grand Trine in any given Element (Earth, Air, Fire, Water) really emphasizes the energetic qualities of that Element. Earth Signs bestow blessings in the realm of material existence: our bodies, our homes, our sources of income. How we sustain ourselves.

The opposite energetic qualities of Earth are Airy ones: etheric levels of reality, the opposite of dense matter. The Mind and its domains of Consciousness and Communication. The last of the major sets of Trines for this Virgo New Moon is an Airy one, and a very benevolent one: Venus at 25° Libra Trines Retrograde Jupiter at 24° Aquarius. This energy boosts the desire to be social and host happy gatherings; it’s excellent energy for networking or conducting sales meetings and conferences. This Trine can also bring innovative thinking to Venusian fields like interior design.

The drawback to this Trine, if there is one, is that when Venus and Jupiter, the two Benefics, merrily come together, there’s a tendency to overindulge: that doesn’t necessarily mean partying too much (but it can!) or spending too much money, but overcommitting yourself, your energies, to projects. Saturn, also Retrograde in Aquarius, reminds us that “No is a complete sentence!” and cautions us to not overdo things.

Put Plans into Action Before Mercury Goes Retrograde in Libra at Month’s End

Factoring its Shadow periods preceding and following its Retrograde motion, fleet-footed Mercury will be transiting the Air Sign of Libra for more than two months. Mercury Retrograde in Libra begins on September 26 and lasts until October 18. Put these Earth Sign-centric projects with their “build to last” energies into motion before the last week of the month to release their energies out into the world and into your life!

I delight in helping people navigate their current planetary transits as well as anticipate energies that are coming months from now. If you’d like me to take a detailed look at your chart and help you see how these and other planetary transits are going to affect you personally, email me at

Have a wonderful Virgo Lunation, everyone! Be healthy and stay safe!

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