Friday’s Taurus Full Moon Eclipse: Radical Changes, Ready or Not!

No matter where you are in the world, Friday’s lunar eclipse at 27° Taurus will be impactful. For starters, it’s the longest eclipse in duration in over 580 years of human astronomical reckoning: it will last three and a half hours! In the Central Standard Time zone of the U.S., which is my time zone (please adjust for your corner of the world accordingly), the Taurus Moon will noticeably begin to become engulfed by Shadow at 1:15 a.m. and the Shadow will have dissipated by 4:45 a.m. on Friday, November 19. The apogée of lunar fullness happens at 2:57 a.m.

What Mysteries will our beloved Luna undergo during this long descent into Shadow? Her story will ripple out and reach us all, especially with the dramatic backdrop of planetary aspects that set the stage for this eclipse.


Twenty-Seven Degrees: Wisdom Gleaned from the End of a Cycle

Let’s take a closer look at the chart I’ve devised with the City of Chicago’s natal and planetary transits data as the lens through which I’ll be viewing and interpreting these heavy-hitting aspects.


As I’ve written about previously, the path of orbit in our solar system known as the ecliptic has two lunar nodes: North (named Rahu in the Sanskrit of Vedic Astrology) and South (Ketu). Many societies envision these nodes as belonging to the head (mouth) and the tail (sphincter) of a giant serpent or dragon that encircles our solar system. These nodal axis points determine the thematic nature and levels of karmic accrual or clearing announced by every eclipse, lunar and solar.

As you look above at the 12th House of the Hidden in Chicago’s chart, you see that the Full Moon Eclipse is at 27° Taurus and is within 3° of an orb of conjunction with the North Node at 1° of Gemini. Whatever sign the North Node happens to be transiting in an eclipse cycle signifies the path of what we should all be moving/evolving towards, our collective Dharma. Gemini is a very curious sign (Mutable Air) and there is a sense of going into the future with an eager sense of discovery–a noble fact-finding mission, Gemini’s forté since Gemini loves to gather information, scoop data, etc. The number 1 as the degree in which the North Node transits Gemini is the number associated with individuality, the Self; hence this data-gathering mission of Gemini translates into boldly exploring the Unknown. It’s the energy of a Pioneer, a Trailblazer.

But the Fixed Earth Sign of the Taurus Moon and the Fixed Water Sign of the Scorpio Sun are both at 27°. In numerology, this adds up to 9, which is a Death number marking the end of a cycle. The Taurus Moon and the Scorpio Sun are both challenging us to determine what is truly of value and what is not and to prepare for the possibility of having what we hold dear suddenly ripped away from our lives. Because that’s what Full Moon eclipses do: they eclipse situations, relationships/people, things (homes, jobs, or careers or roles in which we’ve greatly invested ourselves). Before we can hit a Reset button, we have to hit Delete first. And if we’re stubbornly (Taurus) refusing to let things that need to be eclipsed from our lives go ahead and leave/detonate of the Cosmos’ own accord, the more willful (Scorpio) resistance we exude, the harder the letting-go process is going to be for us emotionally.

The Cosmic Backdrop: The Ongoing Saturn-Uranus Square

I want to revisit the youthful, intellectually curious Gemini Adventurer Archetype expressed by the North Node at this eclipse because it ties into what is perhaps the major planetary aspect backdrop of all of 2021 as a whole: the ongoing square between Saturn in Aquarius to Uranus in Taurus. This Cosmic boxing match between the OLD forces of structure, limitation, the Debt of Karma, contraction, and conservatism on one side (Saturn) and the NEW forces of liberation, breakthrough, dismantling of systems, expansion, sudden awakening, the abrupt, the youthful, and liberalism (Uranus) has reached two moments of climax this year: February 14 and June 14. And the square between these thematic opposites is gearing up for a third climax, as December 24 is the date set for the third exact square between Saturn in Fixed Air Aquarius and Uranus in Fixed Earth Taurus.

You don’t need me to recap the monumental social changes that have been playing themselves out as a result of this square’s energies. The pronounced political divisiveness in the U.S. is very much a Saturnian/Uranian divide (spoiler alert: the Saturn-Uranus square will be exact again on midterm Election Day in 2022!), but so are the economic trajectories of the Uranian explosion in the growth and value of cryptocurrencies (I predicted this outcome when I first wrote about Uranus entering Taurus), the current climate of skyrocketing inflation, the white-hot real estate market, and the personal and collective effects on our psyches and bodies of ever-increasing technological advancements as a whole.

More Players on the Eclipse Stage: Scorpio Planets Square Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, Oppose Uranus in Taurus

Planetary aspects afoot at the time of the Full Moon eclipse are feeding into this ongoing energy of friction in the Saturn-Uranus square. Notice how the stellium of planets in Scorpio (shown in Chicago’s 5th and 6th houses in the outer transit wheel) are simultaneously squaring Jupiter at 24° Aquarius, Saturn at 8° of Aquarius, and opposing Uranus at 12° Taurus. (This wham-bam nasty aspect is called a T-square.) While transiting Mercury in Scorpio can have the benevolent effect in us of coming up with sudden, novel solutions to old problems as it opposes Uranus in Taurus, the opposition to Uranus in Taurus from Mars in Scorpio in particular can have very dangerous consequences for our health (physical and mental) and safety, arising suddenly and violently seemingly from nowhere: we may physically experience intense jitters that can make us clumsy and more accident-prone as well as provide a sense of vertigo. Ego disputes (Mars) can easily flare up into violent road rage incidents, so do exercise caution when interacting with strangers when traveling. Under no circumstance should you allow altercations to escalate! This is a very bad time to undergo any elective surgery so please postpone such procedures for early 2022 if at all possible. Mars-Uranus oppositions are also known to cause electrical fires and create and intensify volcanic eruptions, so be careful around any job sites that involve rewiring and maybe this isn’t the time to schedule a vacation to a tropical paradise!

Mars and the Sun in Scorpio squaring both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius can make us literally feel like we’re not getting anywhere: that we’re hitting our heads against figurative and maybe even literal walls as we try to progress in projects or undergo long-distance travels. Discussions are not being productive, unfortunately, leading to no resolution. Hostility is open: tempers are flaring, and in the U.S., people are also quitting their jobs in record numbers. Honestly, the widely reported supply chain issues exacerbating the country’s inflation are due in no small part to these Scorpio-Aquarius squares, in addition to the above-mentioned ongoing Saturn-Uranus square. Do your best to “face piles of trials with smiles,” as The Moody Blues’ late, great co-founder and drummer, Graeme Edge, famously sang, and keep your temper in check. Don’t attract attention from authority figures (Saturn) needlessly!

The Twelve Signs’ Solar Houses: How Will This Full Moon Eclipse Affect You?

If you’re a Sun Sign Aries, expect the “detonation” to happen in your 2nd House of Earned Income, which may translate into belt-tightening and budgetary restrictions. (I’m hoping this doesn’t stem from a job loss unless it’s a job you really don’t mind losing!) The discipline brought by such austerity may feel frustrating but it’s something to endure. Conditions will definitely improve once the Sun enters your fellow Fire Sign of Sagittarius, so hang in there!

If you’re a Sun Sign Taurus, this eclipse is hitting you squarely in your 1st House of Self, subjecting you to radical revisions of how you look and feel about yourself. What outmoded concepts of your Self are no longer in alignment with the person you’re being called to evolve into? It’s a makeover of the soul, not just your physical appearance here. Get help from a counselor or write in your journal to help you process the deep revisioning at work. Sending you lots of love, fellow Earth Sign reader!

If you’re a Sun Sign Gemini, this eclipse is happening in your 12th House of the Hidden, the Occult, Things Behind the Scenes. This can be a challenging placement for an Eclipse Moon. What prisons have you been keeping yourself trapped in? How do you handle feeling isolated? You may very well be experiencing that now. Alternatively, have you been resorting to unhealthy, escapist behaviors to avoid dealing with a critical life issue? This can be a lonely but very productive time if you stay grounded and centered with lots of self-care thrown into your daily routine. Practice meditation to dispel the incessant mental chatter.

If you’re a Sun Sign Cancer, this eclipse is happening in your 11th House of Friends and Group Associations. Who is no longer worthy of your company? Remember, the Taurus Full Moon holds up a mirror to our values and asks us if those are worth keeping or not. If people ghost you at this time, they weren’t your friends to begin with! Think quality, not quantity of the people you let into your guarded inner circle.

If you’re a Sun Sign Leo, this eclipse is happening in your 10th House of Career and Worldly Status. Is it time to rethink what you do for a living? Remember, the average American changes not jobs, but careers four to six times in their 40-year span of working years! What is your reputation in the world? Set the intention to allow your indomitable light to shine to the right audience! It’s time for the spotlight to redirect its focus on you!

If you’re a Sun Sign Virgo like me, this eclipse is taking place in your 9th House of Expanded Horizons. How have you been spiritually dissatisfied? What’s not working for you? What will bring you more meaning? How can you go deeper on your spiritual journey? Is it time to travel or otherwise explore new communities? This energy can also bring you into contact with other cultures and peoples for a mutually beneficial exchange, as well as prompt the desire to go back to school or even publish a book! Reach for new heights and depths!

If you’re a Sun Sign Libra, this eclipse will occur in your 8th House of Sex, Death, and Other Peoples’ Money. Might you be receiving news of a financial windfall, or huge payouts from insurance, an inheritance, or investment strategies? This would be passive income, not income tied directly to what you do for a living. Intimacy is always on your mind too and reaching new levels of emotional vulnerability with a trusted partner or partners is highlighted for you now. Enjoy!

If you’re a Sun Sign Scorpio, this eclipse will occur in your 7th House of Marriage/Partnerships and Open Enemies! Is it time to put a ring on it? Or launch your new business with a trusted partner or investor? Legal kerfluffles can also be hinted at by the “open enemies” (by way of contrast, the 12th House is the House of Hidden Enemies working in secret against you), but you got this! No one will supersede your legendary sting, Scorpio!

If you’re a Sun Sign Sagittarius, this eclipse will occur in your 6th House of Work and Health. Is it time to do what millions of other Americans are doing and quit your job in favor of something more meaningful to you? How is your health these days; is it time for an annual wellness exam? Boost your immune system with vitamins and probiotics; don’t burn yourself out trying to be all things to all people, either. Self-care means saying “no” to people and activities that really don’t interest you and it means saying “yes” to a full 8 hours of sleep! The Sun will soon enter your Sign and you can make the best of the “most wonderful time of the year!” Happy birthday in advance!

If you’re a Sun Sign Capricorn, this eclipse highlights your 5th House of Romance, Kids, Gambling, and Side Hustles. Is the person you’ve been dating not worth keeping around? Time to say adios! Maybe it’s time to consider conceiving or adopting a healthy child? Be mindful of spending habits or gambling habits getting out of control at this time of the eclipse. However, hobbies may turn into a valuable form of side income with your strong work ethic; just don’t add another reason to become a workaholic!

If you’re a Sun Sign Aquarius, this eclipse showcases things that need to be let go in the all-important 4th House arena of Home and Family. What or who is the source of friction? Is it time for you to move? List your house on the market? Move in with or away from someone? What demands have your family members been making on you, and how has that been conflicting with your work? Is there an unsustainable situation that you’ve been too tepid about changing? The eclipse will guide you in the right direction! Trust your head and your heart to make the right decision.

If you’re a Sun Sign Pisces, the Full Moon eclipse will have a generally benevolent effect on you because of the positive relationship between Pisces and Taurus and Pisces and Scorpio. The Full Moon Eclipse will affect your 3rd House of Communications, Travel, and Relationships with Siblings. This may be a good time to take up writing, teaching, or public speaking or take a short trip (domestic and not international travel). If you have previously had a strained relationship with any siblings, the eclipse might either have you decide to cease contact altogether or revise your relationship for the better. If the latter, communications hiccups will be straightened out.

Neptune and Venus to the Rescue!

Are any celestial forces helping us out with these trying squares and oppositions during the time of the Full Moon Eclipse? The Elements to call upon for healing are, you got it: Water and Earth. The Scorpio Sun and Mercury and Mars transiting Scorpio are all forming supportive trines to dream-weaving and spirit-summoning Neptune at 20° of Pisces, with gentle and harmony-promoting Venus lending support in the form of a sextile from Her “Boss Lady” persona as She transits at 12° Capricorn at the time of the eclipse. We are tasked with using the critical powers of our imagination to further our own healing, while Venus brings real-world support and manifestation mojo from the Cardinal Earth of Capricorn.

If you have a relationship with any Deities of the Sea (Yemaya, Poseidon, Neptune, Manannan Mac Lír, Sedna, Mami Wata, Njord, Aegir, Leviathan, Tiamat, Kanaloa…just to name a few), I highly suggest timing a devotional ritual for spiritual protection as well as doing any manifestation spellwork as apt forms of ritual activity for the eclipse!

Remember, what we imagine now has the capability of becoming real over time! As the Kabbalah teaches us, all of Creation came down the zig-zag chain of Descent into Matter from the Realm of the Ain-Soph-Ur, the Unmanifest. Dream it into being! Water as the Void, lapping from Non-Being into Being with its waves, holds the Secret. Use it in accordance with your True Will; Scorpio highly approves! 

The day prior to the eclipse, November 18, Venus at 11° of Capricorn forms a trine with fellow Earth Power Uranus at 12° Taurus. Luck and money can come swiftly, as can novel solutions to old problems. New contacts can be made for business deals; you never know when networking can happen, so always bring a set of business cards when you leave the house!

That same day, Mercury will be at 20° Scorpio, forming a trine to Neptune at 20° Pisces. This entails communication welling up from our subconscious minds. Our dreams will be fertile ground for spirit communication as well, so keep a dream journal close to your bed and record what you remember! Divination and ancestor devotionals are favored activities, as are daydreaming and writing poetry. What will the Muses whisper into your ears?

Looking Ahead to Sagittarius Season

The Sun enters the Mutable Fire Sign of Sagittarius on November 21 at 9:30 p.m., and will be conjunct the South Node at 1° Sag. This perspective allows us to see more clearly above the frothing, intense waters of Scorpio. Mercury will enter Sagittarius on November 24 and will be conjunct the Sun and the South Node, giving us a big-picture perspective on where we want to go as we let go of past hurts.  

On the last two days of November, Mars at 20° Scorpio will form an exact trine to Neptune at 20° Pisces, and our Will can find support from Spirit in helping us make greater strides towards achieving our goals. The following day, Venus at 20° Capricorn will form a sextile to Neptune at 20° Pisces, bringing a convivial social vibe. It would be a great evening to host a business networking event or go out on a date. Either way, Boss Lady Venus will be wearing Her pants suit!

Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care

If you’re at all like me, you’ve been feeling this Taurus Full Moon eclipse days or possibly even weeks in advance. Remember, it’s not just the eclipse itself, but the array of pesky squares and oppositions I detailed above that have been culpable for inducing your migraines, your sleepless nights, your worries, and your flaring temper. The Scorpio and Pisces trine invite us to take healing baths. To take time out from our hyper-productive capitalist culture and daydream. Meditate. Write in your journal. Paint. Sculpt. Revel in the spoken word. Listen to inspiring music. Sleep. Do Tarot card spreads to look at wider patterns of energies afoot in your particular life. 

Depending on the configurations particular to your own birth chart and where these planetary energies fall, the effects of this Full Moon Eclipse can be felt for months after Friday the 19th’s “Detonation” date. Keep a spirit of discernment about you in your decision-making. Don’t be impulsive. Find healthy outlets for your understandable anger or sadness or disappointment. Be gentle with yourself! Eat whole foods. Take those vitamins. Hydrate yourself. Get plenty of rest. And surround yourself with loving people; let those false friends get eclipsed. Ain’t nobody got time for fake folks!

As always, if you have any questions about your own natal chart or you’d like to have your transits forecasted for 2022, write to me at 

May all that does not serve you get eclipsed so that the light can make clear the path of Dharma for you to follow! In the Names of Hekate and Hermes, So mote it be!

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