The Mantle of Brigid: An Imbolc Prayer for Protection

After stirring “in the belly” (what Irish Gaelic “Imbolg” literally means) of a fallow season, we undergo birth pangs to extricate ourselves from winter’s constricting force. Fueled by the Goddess/Saint Brigid’s sacred fires of hearth, head, and heart that warm, inspire, and heal; and cleansed by Her holy waters of renewal, we stand assuredly in Her might.

Let us pray:

My Brigid statue comes from Ireland and was sculpted out of peat moss! She feels very alive and radiates energy amazingly!

The Mantle of Brigid

Brigid above me,

Brigid below me,

Brigid at my right hand,

Brigid at my left hand,

Brigid behind me,

Brigid before me.

I stand encircled, protected, warded

By The Bright One.

All disease, all blight, all workings of woe directed against me shatter:

Split asunder by the might of the Fiery Arrow.

Let blessing be!

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