Photoset of the 14th Anniversary of Santa Muerte in Tepito

Brava, Doña Queta!!!

Most Holy Death

Santa Muerte devotees flocked to Tepito, Mexico City’s most notorious barrio, on Halloween night, 2015, to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the founding of the first public shrine by former quesadilla vendor, Enriqueta Romero. On October 31, 2001, Romero made history by setting her life-size effigy of the skeleton saint outside on the sidewalk in front of her home. The first public display of Saint Death marks the transition from what used to be an occult veneration unknown to the great majority of Mexicans to the public devotion that it is today, claiming some 10 to 12 million devotees among Mexico, the U.S., Central America and beyond. Mexico City photographer Toni Francois and I have teamed up on several occasions.Her stunning photos of the 14th anniversary celebration are found here.

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Daughter of the Sun: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Sekhmet (edited by me)

I’m so excited! My Sekhmet essay and several of my artsy altar photographs are published here. Get your copy today! 😀


Its here! The Sekhmet book I edited is available right now:

A huge thank you to all the contributors for all your submissions and Rebecca Buchanan for the assistance. This has been a labor of love for over a year and I am so happy this anthology has come to fruition!


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Important reminder! Please join in tomorrow’s Polytheist Day of Protest! Hoo boy, I don’t know about you, but my list of names for groups and individuals who deserve a good SMITING is growing by leaps and bounds!

Gangleri's Grove


When: July 31, 2015


In remembrance of the over three hundred ancient and in many cases holy sites destroyed by Daesh.

In grief and terror over the damage to and potential destruction of the UNESCO city of Palmyra, and the Temple of Ba’al Shamin.

In silent protest against the attack and forced eradication of even the vestiges of polytheism across the world.

This is not a Syrian issue. This is not a Muslim issue. This is a world issue. It is a human issue. Daesh is purposely targeting memory. They’re targeting their history, and their own *physical* connection with their polytheistic ancestors. It is done to demoralize, terrorize, and desecrate.

We polytheists who have the freedom to practice our religions without fear of our lives (regardless of how much Christian hatred we may experience) have the opportunity to unite ritually, magically, spiritually in mind and will, with…

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Why Animism and Polytheism are Radical Religions in Capitalist Societies

Dust off your Deconstructionist thinking caps and sit a spell with this erudite and passionately argued piece! Bravo and well-said, Sarenth!

Sarenth Odinsson

A good deal of animism and polytheism’s power, as it is expressed in outward form, is that it directly challenges the overculture’s directions to consume and produce for their own sake.  Slavoj Žižek notes that products like Coke produce their own perpetual desire.  In “The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology”, he notes that Coke self-perpetuates by two ways, in that it makes one’s duty to consume and enjoy Coke, and that the consumption of it leads to the thirst that leads a person to want to consume it more.  After all, it is a drink, but by its nature it produces further thirst rather than satiating it.

The paradox of Coke is that you are thirsty, you drink it.  But, as everyone knows, the more you drink it, the more thirsty you get.

Polytheism demands us to understand that while pleasure, the satiation of thirst, and enjoyment may be side-benefits of…

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Prayer to La Santa Muerte for Protection During Travel

My shrine to La Santa Muerte Roja in the light of day.

My shrine to La Santa Muerte Roja in the light of day.

Memorial Day weekend might be drawing to a close, but this unofficial start of summer has already kicked off for many people a long season of road trips. It’s always advisable to ask for spiritual protection when you travel, and La Santa Muerte is always ready to help out Her devotees in this task. Continue reading

“Save the Environment: Commit Murder”: A Pseudo Press Release

Editorial Comment: This is my pseudo press release written for the EPA, which now promotes murder for the cause of environmental stewardship. 🙂

PRESS RELEASE: The EPA Launches New Environmental Awareness Campaign: “Save the Environment: Commit Murder!”

August 29, 2014 Washington, D.C.


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is launching a new multiple-channel advertising campaign to raise public awareness of the environmental benefits of committing acts of homicide, either spontaneous or premeditated.

“Let’s get real,” says Sally Snarkey, PharmD, BSN, Chair of the Subcommittee to Promote Murder, which spearheads the campaign. “As a species, we often condescendingly refer to other animals as ‘nuisance’ ones, such as gophers in the Rockies who destroy golf courses with their incessant tunneling and flippant attitudes, but the fact of the matter is there’s no greater nuisance animal than a person. Our Earth Mother basically regards the 6+ billion of us as a bad case of fleas, and she can’t shake us off fast enough–though, with earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and droughts, she’s valiantly trying. We just see our new policy as helping to expedite this process, and we’re asking all conscientious Americans to join in the effort.” Continue reading