Novena to La Santa Muerte: Day 1

In the Roman Catholic Church, November is the traditional month for praying the Novena–a nine-day prayer devoted to the Holy Mother or to a saint. Given that the majority of La Santa Muerte’s devotees consider themselves practicing Catholics, it’s not surprising in the least that the Novena format has been adapted for Her worship. Continue reading

My Book Review of “La Santa Muerte: Unearthing the Magic & Mysticism of Death” by Tomás Prower

Ready for a sneak peek into the Autumn issue of Isis-Seshat journal, which gets released on November 10? It’s a death-focused issue, so what better Deity to profile–in a book review, no less–than La Santa Muerte, to Whom I am fervently devoted. Tomás Prower’s just-released English-language tome that purports to cover theory and practice is the subject of my review. Make way for Virgo scrutiny! Read on…

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Prayer to La Santa Muerte to Increase Good Fortune

It’s Monday, it’s the 25-year anniversary of my only sibling’s death, and thus La Santa Muerte is very much on my mind. Her shrine in my bedroom is overflowing with flowers, candies, bolilo rolls, lit candles, and shot glasses filled with tequila and other cordials.

La Niña Blanca, Mí Flaquíta! My grin mirrors Hers when I pray.

La Niña Blanca, Mí Flaquíta! My grin mirrors Hers when I pray.

The following is a prayer in English to La Santísima to increase one’s good fortune. Note the nature of the offerings–and if you promise to Her that you will plant trees (for which the potted flowers at the altar are a temporary substitute), you had better do so! You will need incense (jasmine is traditional), a literal handful of home turf (soil surrounding your house), a chalice of water (I like to give Her spring water), and potted yellow flowers–at this time of year, mums make an excellent choice and are readily available. Place these aforementioned items in a basket that can lie at the foot of Her shrine. Additionally, adorn Her shrine with sweets, dollar bills, and yellow 7-day glass candles with La Santa Muerte’s image imprinted on them. These are available at most botanicas and occult/metaphysical shops. Here in Chicago, I go to Athenian Candle Co. and Alchemy Arts Bookstore, both of which sell online as well.  Continue reading

Mondays Mean More Devotions to La Santa Muerte

It’s Imbolc, it’s the Feast Day of the orisha Oya, it’s the birthday of the sky-mother goddess Nut, it’s the eve of a super-auspicious full moon (in Leo, conjunct transiting Jupiter in Leo), and its the 11th birthday of my big kahuna Hawaiian import of a cat (Happy Birthday, Thor!). Needless to say, things have been buzzing in my home temple space with virtually round-the-clock ritual activity and will continue to do so for the next few days. While Chicago (a.k.a., Chiberia) has been hit hard with a snowstorm whose system began Saturday evening, resulting in 19″ of snowfall recorded in my Northwest Side neighborhood as of this morning, and spring seems very remote, I’m certainly counting my blessings. And since today is a Monday and that’s the day most sacred to La Santa Muerte, counting my blessings in a ritual context of weekly devotionals to Mi Flaquíta (My Skinny Girl) is the way to go, and I’d like to share more prayers and photos of my shrine dedicated to Her with you. Continue reading

Prayers to La Santa Muerte: Para la Protección

My work with La Santa Muerte Roja began in earnest in November of 2013, when my boyfriend presented me with a Mexican-made statue of Her that he bought in Albuquerque, New Mexico. (As an aside, if anyone wishes to learn more about Her “cult” and its growing influence North of the Border, I highly recommend R. Andrew Chestnut’s well-researched anthropological overview, Devoted to Death.) The red aspect in La Santissima’s colorful spectrum of energies is devoted, naturally, to amor, but all aspects of Holy Death entail providing devotees with protection on the spiritual and physical planes. Hence I wanted to share some of my prayers and practices for English-speaking devotees. Continue reading