Amor et mortem. Eros kai thanatos. Love and death. The pendulum of Being and Non-Being incessantly swings back and forth between these great markers of the human experience, the apogee of fulfillment and the beginning of loss. Wholeness. Emptiness. The ecstasy of union and the terror of loneliness. The beauty and the horror of the grave. This dance of polarity spins our glorious Multiverse into Being and Nothingness, into and out of an awareness of All That Is, and for those of us who follow a Pagan spiritual path, beauty, freedom, and wisdom can be found when we seek the liminal. For it is there that we are to find the numinous.

This blog is dedicated to the sharing of my ongoing results of what I find in that search. My consciousness, largely a poetic one informed by a lifelong affinity for the outré, seeks company in its expansion—whether from inspiration in the words of writers and artists of the past whom I hold in high esteem, or from a current community cobbled together by the wonders of content-sharing in the digital age. I truly do believe that preserving and championing the Humanities plays a critical role in staving off ignorance and arrogance in these days when critical thinking is in such short supply—my love of the Arts forms the bulwark, which, with my spiritual sensibilities as a Pagan priestess, I defend myself against the Western world’s twin moral bankruptcy of the ill effects of scientific materialism and Abrahamic religious dogmatism. We can do better. Indeed, our very planet depends on us doing so. We must have a re-vision, a re-seeing of who we are, the stories we tell us about ourselves, and the legacy we wish to leave for future generations—of all species, I might add.

And who better to guide us through these forays into the phantasmagoric than Love and Death, Amor et Mortem?

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  1. I just want to say how delighted I was to discover your inspirational website today. I am a retired pastor from a Christian denomination that does not respect or appreciate the lovely spiritual path followed by Pagans. Since my retirement I have surprised myself by becoming strongly attracted to Paganism. I want to learn all that I can about it and your website is extremely enlightening for me. Please accept my sincere thanks and compliments.


    • I deeply appreciate your heartfelt words. When we surrender to Mystery, our lives unfold in delightfully surprising ways. I earnestly believe that our Holy Powers choose us and not the other way around. May you be blessed with receptivity to whichever Deities lay claim to your head and heart and may joy accompany you on your journey!

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