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The Sun’s annual transit through Taurus is one of my favorite times of the year. There’s a real palpable sense of Spring finally arriving (its arrival is typically delayed here in chilly Chicago): the trees and tulips are flowering, the warbler birds are out in full force to serenade day and night, and my personal artistic/creative endeavors receive a very welcome Venusian boost of energy. I’ve been making quite a lot of necklaces to sell on my Etsy site, JackalMoonDesigns, and I’d like to showcase a few of them for you now. COVID-19 be damned: it’s time to get our ritual bling on!

Devotional Necklace Honoring Anubis (Anpu)

I often tell people that Anubis is perhaps the most beloved ambassador of contemporary Kemetic Polytheism: who doesn’t love this steadfast, gentle God? This helper to humanity (and to the Gods)? This Revealer of Mysteries from the Duat (Underworld)?

Devotees of other Polytheistic Pantheons often readily admit to me that, though they identify as Heathen or  belonging to some other tradition, they honor Anubis in their personal devotions as well. Anubis definitely gets around, helping people in particular with the passings of loved ones (human and animal, especially canine) into the Afterlife, and for processing the grief that accompanies these transitions.

I’ve created an homage to Anubis in a 26-inch-long necklace, comprised of alternating black onyx  and shimmering faceted rainbow moonstone beads. The necklace also features carnelian, malachite, quartz crystal, and sterling silver accent beads. What’s most compelling is the dimensionality of the sterling silver Anubis pendant itself: the profile of the God is ensconced in a cartouche frame with winged uraeus, and the Anubis head dangles and moves. The necklace is simultaneously sturdy but lightweight and perfect for everyday devotional wear to show your allegiance to Anubis. May He be ever hailed!


Devotional Necklace Honoring Rhiannon

My next sterling silver pendant and exquisite gemstone bead offering is a 25-inch-long necklace that honors the Welsh Rhiannon, Goddess of Horses and the Other World. Not to boast, but this is one of the best devotional pieces of jewelry I’ve ever made; I fervently pray it goes to a devotee of this powerful Goddess!

The generously sized, wholly faceted labradorite beads capture and reflect light in a way I have never seen before with any beaded gemstone. The visual and textural effect is rich and hypnotic, fitting qualities to associate with Rhiannon, Who captivated me with Her Mystery a little over 2 years ago when a dear friend of mine, who was a Priestess of Rhiannon during her brief life, passed away. (You can read about how Rhiannon came to me, unbidden, to help me process my grief in this published blog post from that period.)

Rhiannon’s energies strike me as both Lunar and Chthonic (a combination I find with Hekate as well), and I think my selection of gemstones for this necklace reflects that: in addition to the shimmering labradorite, there are faceted rainbow moonstone beads as well, so evocative of Lunar light, and celestial larimar beads as well.

The amazingly detailed sterling silver pendant depicts Rhiannon in profile, riding a horse, surrounded by a border of Celtic knot work. I truly hope this piece goes to an appreciative devotee of a buyer!


Delving into the Darkness: Lilith and a Spirit from the Goetia

I often get requests for Lilith pieces, but pendants depicting Her image are hard to come by, so when I see one I automatically purchase it. The last Lilith necklace I made featured a sterling silver pendant. This one is pewter. However, there’s no shortage of detail. Even though by no means do I equate any specific gender as belonging to Lilith’s devotees, Her energies strike me as being oriented with Blood (Menstrual) Mysteries, so I once again opted to pair exclusively red gemstones with Her image. In this case, it’s blood-red garnet, the birthstone of Capricorn, and Lilith’s stern/Saturnian energies make it an apt gemstone choice.

The pewter pendant depicts a dancing, winged Lilith, a serpent dynamically coiling about Her lithe frame. She is a penultimate Force for Liberation, Sovereignty, and the Sanctity of Selfhood. Hailed by feminist Witches, Lilith teaches us to never bow down / abase ourselves before social constructs of Authority.


And now for something a little different: I’m hoping to expand my shop with Goetia-themed listings. To that end, I’m offering up a necklace ceremonial magicians who delve into The Lesser Key of Solomon might really like: it is meant to facilitate evocations of Vassago. According to the text, Vassago is listed Third out of the 72 indexed Infernal Powers. He rules 26 legions of spirits and he is said to be “of a good nature” and willing to help humans in matters related to divination (i.e., clarity on what has passed and what is to be). He is also said to help with retrieving lost and/or hidden things.

My necklace in his honor features a two-sided pewter pendant: one side depicts Vassago’s seal, as shown in the Lesser Key of Solomon, and the reverse depicts the Triangle of Evocation, around which the Names of G-d and the Archangel Michael are inscribed to ritually protect the magician. Since this kind of magical undertaking can be hazardous, I wanted to select beads that impart a sense of spiritual protection for the wearer: I strung Job’s Tears (note the lovely purple hue) dried herbs and spiky smoky quartz beads. The herbs were ones I hand-picked during my years of living on Oahu (they’re sourced from the sacred Waimea Valley).


A Touch of Whimsy from Gay Paris: Gargoyle from Notre Dame Cathedral

Perhaps this COVID-19 global pandemic situation has you feeling like the beloved gargoyle from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris: très pensif…peut-être, ennuyé? (Pensive and maybe a little bored?) Cradling his head in his hands, this sweet and petite gargoyle in sterling silver knows how you feel. Tote him about with you in my simple but elegant necklace (perfect for children as well as adults); after all, misery loves company!

The necklace measures 24 inches in length and features a neutral palette of Czech glass beads accented by garnet (flanking the pendant) and amethyst (flanking the clasp) beads. At just $30, this is the most affordable necklace with a sterling silver pendant in my shop!


SOLD! Hathor Devotional Necklace

I’m very happy to see that this past weekend, my fellow Polytheist and friend Lykeia purchased my devotional necklace to Hathor, which I made last month. The necklace features a veritable cascade of rich lapis lazuli and larimar beads. This is a wonderful time of year to venerate this Life-Affirming, Protective, and Sensual Goddess! Dua, Het-Hert! I shipped the necklace this morning and I wish it safe travels to Lykeia’s hands!


I’m Tremendously Grateful for My Customers’ Support! Thank You!

My Etsy store supplies me with a major source of my monthly income, so I want to express my tremendous gratitude and aloha to everyone who has been placing orders during this difficult time. Small businesses like mine are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, and as we await measures of federal financial relief, I give great thanks for every purchase made on my site. All necklace orders will receive a complimentary upgrade to Priority Mail shipping within the U.S. to help expedite delivery, as First Class mail has been subject to lengthy delivery times. I give thanks to the postal workers, delivery drivers, and other folks involved in the supply chain to keep things moving! By the power of community, we will get through this!

About 30% of my business comes from custom orders, so if you work with a specific Deity or spirit but don’t see a related devotional jewelry piece in my shop, shoot me an email at and let’s talk about it!

We’re gearing up for Beltane this coming weekend in the Northern Hemisphere, and I look forward to celebrating this Turning o’ the Wheel (with socially distant revelry, LOL) in the Greenwood! Stay safe, be healthy, and may your Gods and Spirits guide you and your loved ones during this strange time of uncertainty! 


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