La Santa Muerte Verde: Nine Nights of Praise

La Santa Muerte Verde came through for me in a big way, granting me victory in a tedious legal proceeding that began on Halloween. As part of my way of expressing my profound thanks, not just for my unequivocal victory but for resolving matters before this year ended, I vowed to Her that I would publicly praise Her for nine nights. May She be ever hailed!

Hail to You, La Dama Poderosa,

Mother of Justice!

You have relieved me of my burdens,

For which I give great thanks!

Slicing away through all obstacles and entanglements,

You expedited the release of just judgment on my behalf.

Viva La Santísima!

my statue of la santa muerte verde

4 thoughts on “La Santa Muerte Verde: Nine Nights of Praise

    • Thank you! The statue, imported from Mexico, was a gift to me from my godmother in Espiritismo. I was expecting her to regale me with a fascinating story about how she procured it (assuming she bought it directly herself during her many visits to the [in]famous “Witches’ Market” in the Tepito barrio of Mexico City)…but nope! She told me she bought it from a botanica in the heart of Chicago’s Greektown! Go figure! I like this kind of translucent resin statue that is particular to Mexico because offerings specific to La Santa Muerte are “baked” right into the resin during the manufacturing process. Look closely and you can see grains of gold-painted rice for wealth and good fortune in the folds of Her robe. 🙂


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