“Alchemical Auras”

Happy Friday! We’re in the final week of National Poetry Month, and I wanted to share this little ditty I just wrote as I gear up for a tedious morning of client legal reviews (Zoom fatigue, anyone?) of my latest ad campaign. Here’s my poem; enjoy!

“Alchemical Auras”

By Anna Applegate

look how bright the sun shines on the carpet

watch the gum recede into the distance

hear the screams call out from the horizon

feel the dreams fall short of their direction

these were the words uttered by a knower of things

after she had


in love with ink

is it possible to delight

in liquid traces of thick blackness?

to exult in the boldness of

unbroken loops

announcing their defiance as

desultory thoughts

are translated to the page?

the enchantment ceased

she stopped drawing spirals

a subtle shift

commingling of vibrational patterns

floated out of the room

she sighed and jabbed herself with pointed quill


Create Commons Licensed vector illustration courtesy of Pixabay.com

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