Happy Belated World Tarot Day!

Preparations for today’s Super Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius got in the way of my celebrating this yesterday, but happy belated World Tarot Day and may all your divinatory readings bring you joyous journeys of self-discovery! I decided, after emerging from my overnight ritual/puja/vigil whose focus was spiritual protection during the eclipse, to do a Tarot reading: 6 cards to detail what the next 6 months have in store for me, post-eclipse. Here are my results.

Starting Clean and New This Full Moon Eclipse Morning After an Intense Night of Devotional Ritual/Puja

Just a few words about last night’s protracted ritual that turned into an overnight vigil before I get into my Tarot reading: It. Was. Intense. Even though the Chicago skies were cloudy last night from impending rain and storms and the view of the Moon was therefore occluded, the Numinous energies of the imminent Super Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius were definitely palpable.

Prior to beginning my ritual, I actually went out into my backyard and deliberately decided to lie out in my hammock and let the strong winds (nearing 40 mph) rock me back and forth in my fabric and steel chain cradle of sorts. I gazed up at the treetops against the iron-clad backdrop of swirling skies, oak and pine and aspen rocking violently, and welcomed the Powers of Air as I emptied out my mind and just let my body experience the sensations of being rocked by the strong winds. I think a good half hour elapsed in this necessary pre-ritual state of Emptying.

My main working altar needed to have remnants of a former Working properly disposed of before I could clean it, asperge it with Blessed Water, and methodically assemble the components (Deity images, candles, stones, offerings, water and salt, incense, bell, and hand-drawn sigils, among other items) needed for my long night of ritual observance. I had eaten very lightly, abstained from caffeine (my central nervous system was definitely heightened by the eclipse energies and I certainly didn’t need coffee to stay awake), and made sure to hydrate myself with lots of water and electrolyte-laden beverages throughout the day. Once my altar was assembled, I took a quick shower with the magical intention/eclipse theme of Purging the Outmoded/That Which No Longer Serves Me and I anointed myself with sacred oils (consecrated for the magical intention of spiritual protection).

I started my opening sung Invocation to the Kemetic Powers (with special guest, the Sumerian Pazuzu!) I serve just as the clock was about to strike 10 p.m. … and I ended my rite at 5:55 this morning. The bulk of my ceremony was a puja in honor of the wrathful Hindu-Buddhist Deity Vajravarathi, a Destroyer Goddess in the same family tree as Kali. I appealed to Her to destroy my fears so I could move forward into the Unknown with a light-hearted sense of freedom and peace: Jai, jai Ma! My trance lasted for hours as I chanted Her mantra and the overall experience served to be as refreshing to me as if I had actually slept for 7 or 8 hours.

The final moments of the ritual were executed just as the eclipse was about to reach its moment of becoming exact in the heavens (6:19 a.m. CST): I went outside and I ritually burned my sigil and disposed all offerings to the Gods (libations and other sacrifices) in a nearby river. I cleansed myself with Florida Water and an incense blend I dubbed “New Beginnings,” another eclipse-themed herbal concoction to start my post-eclipse path on the right note.

World Tarot Day Tarot Spread

With my cat Mara, her transformation into Ceiling Cat complete, watching me from above, I set out to shuffle the cards of one of my favorite Tarot decks from the last 5 years: Ethereal Visions (published by U.S. Games Systems in 2018). I love the Art Deco aesthetic, which is very reminiscent of the work of Slavic artist Alphonse Mucha.

Mara the Ceiling Cat gives her meow of approval as she watches me do my Tarot spread.

Tellingly, in the act of shuffling, the Death card popped out, which I definitely factor into the reading. It’s a very apt card to have gotten my attention given the backdrop of this Super Moon Eclipse! Yes, sweeping changes are in the offing!

I wanted to choose 6 cards as a forecast for the next 6 months for me post-eclipse and from top to bottom, left to right, here’s what I drew:

The first card denoting my immediate post-eclipse Reality is The Lovers. I’ve got a pressing choice in front of me, and I know exactly what this is about given the astrological tension the eclipse presented unto me: the zodiacal opposition of 10th House of Career (where Sagittarius falls in my chart; in other words, where the Super Moon in Sag passed over during the eclipse) versus 4th House of Home and Family (where the Gemini Sun and Mercury and Venus in Gemini are currently transiting). The eclipse is bringing this tension to a head: which will I choose?

My career’s day-to-day demands have definitely been putting my family situation on the back-burner in an unhealthy way and my normally Saturn-strong boundaries I like to keep in place are routinely being increasingly violated, a situation that seems to be exacerbated by the fact that I, like a lot of other “white-collar” workers, work from home and bosses think they can do all kinds of outlandish things…like host Zoom team meetings/business calls at 9 p.m.! Because they’re up late and obsessed with work, in other words, they expect me to be as well—my life outside of work and/or my need to have time to actually sleep be damned! I have had an unhealthy pattern in the field of marketing/advertising of allowing myself to become a workaholic (many Sun Sign Virgos fall into this trap) because that’s the expectation from senior management—again, a pattern made worse in this pandemic situation where the lines between home and office are blurred—but the eclipse is announcing this can’t continue. So a choice has to be made here, folks!

Card 2, the month of June, is the Queen of Swords. I adore this card and have always identified with this Queen: as a double Aquarius (Rising and Moon), I am a highly cerebral person and I definitely know how to use words as weapons. Re-establishing needed personal boundaries/holding my ground is certainly called for!

Card 3, the Page of Wands, heralds welcome news (or even the energies of the next card in the spread) related to entrepreneurialism and my personal creativity, and maybe, just maybe, I can take a well-deserved vacation in July! Gods know I haven’t had one in years!

Card 4, the month of August, has me in a position of being philanthropically minded and generous as I dole out donations to worthy causes in my role as the giver in the Six of Pentacles. This is a great card and it speaks to an overall condition of well-being and robust health. It speaks to the reality that I am a stabilizing force in others’ lives, from my family to others I care for. It’s important, though, to be reminded to take time for me so I can replenish myself and not over-give. Giving and receiving: the lesson of balance. Noted!

Card 5 for my birth month of September shows some introspection, going within, and slowing down the pace of life as I enter Hanged Man mode. I often become very contemplative around my birthday and this looks like the time to not invest a great deal of energy in external accomplishment/activities and to take ample time for solitary reflection, spiritual focus, and attuning to Inner Wisdom.

But that respite doesn’t seem to last long because Card 6 for the month of October shows me sitting pretty in Nine of Cups mode: my Cups floweth over, life has been good, and it’s time for me to give thanks and celebrate! I am contemplating a vacation that month for the express purpose of seeing one of my beloveds in his home turf and this card seems like a good omen that says “go for it!” Since I work so hard, I am deserving of pleasure and fun in my life, too! I hereby affirm: “In the Infinity of Life where I am, JOY is my birthright!” And so it is!

Pull Any Good Cards Lately?

How did the eclipse experience treat you? Did you capitalize on its theme of purging/recalibrating your life with ritual activity? Did you perform divination to help gain a sense of clarity in uncertain times? Which Gods and spirits did you call upon or Who do you call upon as a stabilizing Force in your life and spiritual tradition? I’d love to hear from you!

Be blessed and be blissed!

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