My Year-Wheel Tarot Reading for 2022

Happy New Year! Here we are, trucking into year three of the global pandemic experience, but as Ifá revealed to me years ago, don’t let calamities in the outer world interfere with your Sacred Work of receiving your Ori- and Orisha-given blessings. Ashé! And so I abide by my annual tradition of detailed Tarot divination via my Zodiacal 12 Houses/Wheel of the Year spread. Come join me and peer betwixt those goodly pillars of Boaz and Jachim for some wise insights…

Astrological Backdrop: Capricorn New Moon & Other Goodies

I began shuffling my cards for the spread yesterday, January 2, at 12:33 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST), just as the Sun and New Moon were conjunct at 12° Capricorn, the Cardinal Earth Sign known for its ambition, business acumen, and worldliness. Fleet-footed Mercury had entered the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius in the wee hours of the morning (1:10 a.m. CST), bringing currents of innovative thinking and inspiration. The Capricorn New Moon was building in intensity for a harmonious planetary aspect known as a sextile to the planet Neptune in His Home Sign of Pisces, making access to intuition and spirit guidance that much more readily available to me.

Back to My All-Time Favorite Deck: Tarot of the Old Path

Yes, I agree with you: it’s more of a potato shape than a proper circle, but you get the idea, roughly, of a Zodiacal wheel plus the 12 months of the year laid out here.

Significator in the center: Page of Pentacles. C’est moi.

Cards follow the zodiacal pattern of 12 Houses and are read counter-clockwise, starting with Seven of Cauldrons for the month of January and commentary on my 1st House of Self.

February/2nd House of Income: The Chariot (here called Mastery).

March/3rd House of Communications and Short-Distance Travels: The Lovers.

April/4th House of Home and Family: Three of Cauldrons.

May/5th House of Pleasures: King of Cauldrons.

June/6th House of Work: Ace of Pentacles.

July/7th House of Marriage and Partnerships: The Wise One (The Hermit).

August/8th House of Sex, Death, and Other Peoples’ Money: The Emperor.

September/9th House of Expanded Horizons: Seven of Rods.

October/10th House of Career and Worldly Status: Ace of Rods.

November/11th House of Friends, Groups, and Wishes: The Sun.

December/12th House of Endings, the Hidden, Action Behind the Scenes: Three of Rods.


I have 5 Major Arcana cards, showing the powerful karmic forces at work. Elementally, from the Minor Arcana suits, I have 3 Water cards (Cauldrons), 3 Fire cards (Rods), and 2 Earth cards (Pentacles, including my Significator). Zero cards from Air/Swords. The only “dubious” cards here, and they are more annoyances than threats, are represented by the two Sevens: the Seven of Cauldrons opening this month, cautioning me against illusions and deceptions as I choose among options but also encouraging me to daydream; and September’s Seven of Rods, telling me I’ll need to summon courage and lots of effort to prevail over challenges, but my success is assured!

My Significator of the Page of Pentacles is ready to learn and apply his wisdom towards financial growth—an energy that vibes with my Virgo nature, to be sure. I’m seeing an opportunity for a great new job next month or March, and a choice to be made. Home life represented by the “party card” of the Three of Cauldrons in April is very good news. Real estate is on my mind too.

The King of Cauldrons came up for me in my 2021 reading too. He’s a mythically resonant figure for me.

The Hermit (“The Wise One”) in the 7th House is telling me to go my own way with entrepreneurial initiatives. No partnerships. Turn down marriage proposals too, ha ha! 😉

The Emperor in the 8th House could go one of two ways for me: success in issues related to inheritances, assuming one or both of my parents passes away this year; OR, I’m going to hook up with Yet Another Aries, LOL! 😆

Big-time healing with that Sun card for November. Maybe that’s when I should jet off to Denmark?

February’s Mastery/Chariot card is also auspicious for long-distance travel but I’m too spent from the HoliDAZE to swing a trip overseas now, plus the pandemic has to settle a bit first.

Three of Rods is a great way to end the year. Definitely another marker of entrepreneurial success! Blessed Be!

At Your Service…

If you’d like me to take a look at what the Tarot has to say to you with this spread, or have me cast your planetary transits in the upcoming Year of the Water Tiger, email me at to set up a Zoom meeting! I accept payments via Zelle and PayPal. Here’s my full roster of services and what they cost.

Happy New Year!

At some point, to quote the memorable character of Kate Dibiaski from the hit Netflix film Don’t Look Up, “We’re all gonna fuckin’ die!” Until we do, please take good care of yourself and those in your sphere: be healthy, spread the ripple effect of kindness, and make every day meaningful! Wishing all my readers around the world a very safe, healthy, prosperous, and peaceful New Year!

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